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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I finally made it to Campo de'Fiori in the morning, this morning!

The name means "field of flowers' which, sadly, it no longer is.
There were only two flower stands today but still lots of color thanks to many of the truly beautiful vegetables and fruits for sale.
I took lots of pictures and am having a lot of difficulty picking out just a few for this post but here goes:

This market has been
one since medieval times and probably is still something like what it was in the days of the powerful popes.

A fellow shopper.

Lunch time and the market closes down:


Denise said...

This is the market that was near Liz's hotel - she was just over the river. There are also a lot of interesting shops in the area. It is also a lively place in the evening. When I was there, there was a stall that had strings of little peppers hanging from the awning. Is it just because it is Rome or are the stall keepers just really good at arranging everything artistically because it seemed like the market was prettier that any I have seen in the US?

Adrienne said...

My favourite place in Rome-- have you tried cooking the radicchio di Treviso?

Have fun trying all those cool vegetables!